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The Mindfulness Wheel
Living in the Present Moment
The Mindfulness Wheel card
A comprehensive instruction booklet
The Mindfulness Wheel is a tool for bringing awareness and attentiveness into your life every day. It is a daily reminder to wake up and appreciate each moment for what it is.

Living the mindful life may sound simple, but it's so easy for the old way to take over: distraction, thinking in the past or future, and giving in to a thousand, thoughtless habits that populate our routines.

The Mindfulness Wheel is one way to train the mind to become more aware, more purposeful, more awake. Place the beautifully designed laminated card with the image of the Wheel in a conspicuous place---your desk, your kitchen counter, your bed stand.  Then, put a glass bead (included) on one of the eight action areas---called "Stations"--- of the Wheel and focus your attention and activities on the message there.

Throughout your day, the Wheel and the position of your stone will remind of how you can be more deliberate and present in any activity.

The Stations of the Wheel are:

In addition, there are three "Paths" you can follow as you circle the wheel. These paths are different perspectives on the eight Stations of the Wheel. Place another glass bead, also included, on one of the Paths and then interpret your Station of the wheel through the lens of that Path. The three paths are:

Sun Path - When you are on the Sun Path, you are exploring the simplest interpretation of each Station of the Wheel. These activities are the easiest and most direct.

Moon Path  - When you follow the Moon Path, you explore deeper, more profound aspects of the Wheel. Often, this Path will ask you to be reflective or introspective.

Star Path - The Star Path has no limits. Explore this Path with openness and a light but adventurous heart.

With eight Stations of the Wheel and three paths of intrepretation, there are 24 stages in a Grand Circuit of the Wheel.

If you have been looking for a way to increase your appreciation of each moment, to be fully alive and engaged in the present, The Mindfulness Wheel awaits you.
Benefits of Mindfulness

Living the mindful life has many benefits, all well documented from studies and personal experiences.


  • Calms the body
  • Calms the heart
  • Calms the spirit
  • Reduces stress
  • Eases worry
  • Promotes happiness
  • Fosters stabiity
  • Develops wisdom

What You Will Receive

You will receive a beautifully designed card containing both the Wheel and a Path area. 

The Wheel card is your main focus of mindfulness. The Path extends the your mindfulness activites to deeper and broader levels. allowing for unlimited possibilities.

You will also receive a comprehensive booklet describing each Station of the Wheel and how each Path influences its experience.

Also included are two glass beads for marking your place on the Wheel and the Path.
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The Mindfulness Wheel is a wonderful, unique and thoughtful gift!
The Mindfulness Wheel is ideal for group study. Select a Station of the Wheel and a Path as an assignment for all group members for the week ahead. At the next gathering, relate experiences and learn from each other. Complete a Grand Cycle—8 Stations over 3 Paths—in 24 weeks as a community.
The Mindfulness Wheel
By Frederick Burggraf
One Laminated Card, Two Glass Stones,
One Booklet.              ISBN 0-9706006-2-3

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The Mindfulness
by Frederick Burggraf

No object is too ordinary or too familiar to escape your campaign to find the unrevealed. The wallpaper in a room you’ve lived in for years and years, by now completely invisible to you, may contain an object or pattern you’ve always overlooked. Similarly, a picture that you’ve looked at hundreds of times may contain something that, until now, went unnoticed by your eyes. It’s time to wake up and see these things.

From "See Something New"-- the Sun Path
As you develop this ethic of smiling at others, notice how it brings you into the moment, helping you to appreciate your encounters squarely in the present.

Also, notice how others respond to this (unexpected) smile. You may find your smile returned, even from strangers. You may find a lighter conversation or a pleasant acknowledgment of your presence.

From "Smile"-- The Star Path

So much of our own anger, dissatisfaction, suffering and anxiety springs from our thoughts. We love to wallow in our difficulties, bringing in others in as well. Even when we aren’t speaking, our inner voices chatter on and on, often negatively about the past, other people and even ourselves. The Wheel asks you to tune in to the mischief of this chatter. Listen to it profoundly. How much is negative, disparaging and self-defeating? If you can imagine this inner chatter as someone actually talking, then try to envision that this person suddenly becomes quiet. Let the chatter whither into silence. Enjoy listening to the refreshing, positive sound of mental peace.

From "Listen"-- The Moon Path

Excerpts from the Booklet


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