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The Essentials of Wine
by Austin Smith

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NEW! How to Evaluate, Appreciate and Serve Wine      A "Ten-Minute-Expert" Guide     by Austin Smith
About the Author
Austin Smith first came to know the wine industry about in 2005 and it completely captured his interest.  He has worked in the wine industry for five years. His formal studies include a Bachelors of Science in Wine Business Administration (Marketing) and Wine Business Strategies at Sonoma State University.

Austin goes on wine tastings once a week or more and tastes thousands of wines a year.  His personal goal of tasting every winery in Sonoma County has led to a book on the experience (soon to be published).

His next project is to taste every winery in Napa County and to write a book about those experiences.

Austin is studying to become a first-level sommelier while he owns and operates his own Wine Adventure Company inside Sonoma and Napa Counties. 

To learn more about participating in Austin's Wine Adventures, click here!

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DayOne Publishing is proud to offer this breakthrough, quick-reference guide for wine.

“The Essentials of Wine” is a 8½”x11” laminated card covering all the basics of wine...the things you need to know to explore and enjoy the world of wine, all in a convenient laminated card format.

Covering a huge amount of information in an easily accessible page, this card will give you all the basics of wines: how to store, serve, enjoy, and pair with foods.

The number of books and web sites devoted to wine is vast—far too many to wade through. But this single, concise card from DayOne is your “Ten-Minute-Expert” guide and a terrific introduction to wine and how to maximize your enjoyment of it.
Topics on this Card

This handy card contains a wealth of information on these topics:

Types of Wine Varietals, including common reds and common whites. Includes a pronunciation guide.

Types of Wines, with characteristics of each.

How to Enjoy and Serve Wines, with information about wine glasses, decanting and aerating wines, pouring wines, releasing wine aromas, and storing opened wines.

How to Store Wines, with details on how long various wines will age well in your cellar.

Evaluating Wines, from the vantage point of all the senses, including what to look for, what to notice with aromas, what tastes to detect, what to expect with the mouth-feel of wines. Includes a section on tannins.

Pairing Wine with Food, a large section of the card that suggests several foods for each type of wine.

Sidebar topics that include how to handle a wine spill and information about the terroir of wine.

If you want to learn about wines and to be conversant with wine topics, this card is the ideal guide.

  • Handy
  • Colorful
  • Easily Accessible
  • Comprehensive
  • Useful
  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Concise
  • Affordable
  • Permanent
  • Practical
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