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Quit Smoking
For Good!
by Frederick Burggraf

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If you have tried to quit smoking before and you've failed, you know how difficult it can be. For most, quitting smoking is a long, up-hill battle that usually ends in disappointment and failure.

A big reason that people fail is that they don't spend time practicing and planning. But what if you could do a lot of planning and practicing strategies of quitting long before you actually quit? What if you had time to get used to the idea of quitting? What if you could learn ways to deal with cravings, restlessness and feeling out of sorts before you quit?

This 8½" x 11" laminated Action Card from DayOne Publishing is jam-packed with ideas, activities, approaches and strategies---content that you won't find on any other resource anywhere!The content of this card is new and unique and will give you guidelines for practicing and planning long before you actually quit smoking. Written by a former smoker and successful quitter, this card is your best single resource for getting ready to quit smoking and for preparing for life without tobacco.

Successful quitters know that quitting is all about the headwork you must do before you quit. This card provides a wealth of steps you can take to do that important headwork.

Your Five-step Plan

The card gives you a simple five-step plan that is the core of your quit-smoking program. As part of that program you'll learn:

  • Why quitting smoking is so difficult---and what you need to do to maximize your chances of success.
  • How to get ready to quit---including strategies for making smoking inconvenient, changing your attitudes about smoking, approaching smoking with more mindfulness, identifying your triggers, practicing cravings, flooding, grieving the loss of cigarettes, and much more!
  • How to select a Quit Day---and how to adjust your selection to match your readiness to quit.
  • Seven Secrets of Quitting---these seven ideas come from successful quitters and give you more successful strategies for your own quitting campaign.
  • Things to think about and consider with each cigarette---these strategies will help you to focus on your smoking and consider its effects on you, on your body and on those around you.
  • How to know when you're ready to quit---and what to do if you're not quite ready.
  • Learn why quitters go back to smoking---here are the top eight reasons that quitters give for going back and how these reasons are just excuses.
  • Action steps for your Quit Day and the days that follow---here are effective techniques and strategies to use that can help keep you smoke-free! These include how to use a calendar to motivate yourself, the role of celebrations, creating posters, what to do with the money you're saving by not smoking, and much more!
  • The BIG FOUR----Learn the four situations where you are most likely to go back to smoking and how to avoid them

And that's just a few of the items on this card! 

For about the cost of one pack of cigarettes, this convenient, colorful, easy-to-read card will give you access to dozens of powerful, proven strategies that will help you get tobacco out of your life for good!

Quit Smoking for Good!
by Frederick Burggraf

HW-RC-01   ...........................................only $6.95
A Laminated Card filled with Ideas, Techniques and Information to Help You Quit.
Products for Health and Wholeness

Straight talk and proven strategies for getting tobacco out of your life once & for all.
by Frederick Burggraf
About the Author
Frederick Burggraf began smoking as a teenager and smoked for 27 years before attempting to quit. His first and only attempt was successful, due in large part to the creative and large array of strategies he devised to get himself ready to quit and to support his campaign after his Quit Day.

After quitting smoking,
Mr. Burggraf served as a consultant to smoking cessation classes throughout Southern Maryland, working with Health Departments and Wellness Centers at hospitals. He also developed a workbook to help smokers get ready to quit, and he gave presentations to hospital staffs on how to approach quitting.

It was during these programs and presentations that he refined and enhanced his approach to quitting. Many of these ideas, strategies and techniques are included on this amazing card.
Also on this card:

Information about the nicotine patch, nicotine gum and other medical tools.

Information about the effects and dangers of smoking.

You'll meet "Nick the Negotiator," a name for that inner voice that tries to get you back to smoking again. You'll also learn how to silence Nick's voice.
This card is ideal for anyone who is thinking about quitting smoking, anyone who supports quitters in smoking-cessation programs, or any health professionals who would appreciate a rich and reliable resource on this topic.
Quit Smoking For Good!
Basic Five-Step Plan

This card is for guidance only. No warranty of success with quitting smoking is either stated nor implied. The user of this card assumes all risks for any actions taken or outcomes during any quit-smoking program inspired by this card. Anyone beginning a quit-smoking program should seek a doctor’s advice. 
Don't be misled by other products offering "easy" ways to quit smoking! Quitting smoking is hard work. Period. There are no magic solutions or shortcuts to quitting. There is no pill you can take and wake up the next day an ex-smoker.

Quitting smoking takes effort, practice, and the will to succeed and this card can give you a winning advantage in your own campaign to quit.
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The vital part of this plan is your ability to practice WHILE YOU'RE STILL SMOKING!
If you are trying to quit on your own....

If you are part of a smoking cessation program...

If you have quit many times before....

If this is the first time you've tried to quit....

If you are tired of all the gimmicks
and gadgets that don't ever really


No gimmicks. No double-talk. No inflated promises.
Your best quick resource to dozens of proven strategies.