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The Basics of
Mindful Eating
by Frederick Burggraf

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Mindful eating is the deliberate slowing down and paying attention to each bite of a meal or snack. This new card from DayOne Publishing gives your the best-of-the-best strategies for waking up and attending all aspects of eating.

Gathered from the CAMP System book and, these strategies form the core of mindfulness with food and eating. Frederick Burggraf, author of both "The CAMP System" and, has selected the content of this card to be the best introduction to mindful eating and how to be more aware with food.

The strategies on this card will teach you... to slow down and enjoy your food. to control your portions. to feel good about not eating all the food in a meal. to enjoy any dessert to use a clock to manage your meals. to set up mindfulness in four bites. to chew food so that less seems like more.

And much more!

Included on this handy card are these best practices of mindful eating:

   * Basic Mindful Bite
   * What to Notice about Food while Eating
   * What to Notice about Yourself while Eating
   * Chew Rate
   * Shallow Chewing
   * The Flow of a Mindful Meal
   * The Mindful Cut
   * The 50-80 Rule
   * The Rule of Four
   * The 25-Minute Meal
   * The Return Plate
   * The STOP Method
   * The Mindfulness Bell

Here's a resource that you'll come back to again and again as you deepen your mindfulness about food and eating.
The Basics of Mindful Eating
by Frederick Burggraf

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The Basics of
Mindful Eating
by Frederick Burggraf