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The Basics of
Dental Care
by Louis Sachs

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(301) 753-DAY1
Which is the better way to brush your teeth: up & down or in circles?

Should you floss before or after brushing? Or does it matter?

What should you look for in a toothpaste if your teeth are sensitive to cold?

When should you use a floss threader?

These are just a few of the myriad of questions answered by this
8½" x 11" laminated Action Card from DayOne Publishing. This card is jam-packed with information about all the fundamentals of taking care of your teeth.

Written by Dr. Louis Sachs, a dentist with an active practice and over 20 years of experience, this card is your best single resource for information about tooth care and oral health.

Covered on this Card

On this colorful, easy-to-read card is information about:

  • Selecting a toothbrush
- what to look for in a manual toothbrush
- what to look for in an automatic toothbrush
  • Selecting toothpaste
- what your toothpaste should contain
- what to avoid in toothpaste
  • Three Steps to a Healthy Smile, including full details on
- Brushing
- Flossing
- Rinsing
  • Use of other home-care products, including
- tongue scrapers
- oral irrigators
- interproximal brushes
- sulcus brushes
  • How to deal with a dry mouth
  • The role of sugar in oral health
  • The role of tobacco in oral health
  • Answers to the most common questions about tooth care
- when to take children to the dentist for the first time
- what to do about bleeding gums
- when to use fluorides
- what to do about cavities in baby teeth

And much more!

Here on one convenient resource is the basic information you and your family can use every day in improving and maintaining dental health.
The Basics of Dental Care
by Louis Sachs, DDS

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Products for Health and Wholeness

About the Author
Dr. Louis Sachs

A native of Southern Maryland, Louis Sachs earned his B. A. and M. S. degrees from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. He received his dental degree in 1988 from the University of Maryland at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, and in 1991 he established his practice in Solomons, Maryland.

For more about Dr. Sachs and his practice, click here.

Also on this card: DENTAL EMERGENCIES

What would you do if.... have swelling due to oral infection?
...a temporary or permanent crown comes off? have mouth ulcers?
...a tooth is knocked out?
...a filling comes out, leaving behind a sharp edge?

In any dental emergency, it's important that you act quickly with the right response. This card provides immediate answers and advice to the steps to take to meet a wide range of emergencies.

For this section of the card alone, no household should be without this resource!

This card is for guidance only. The reader of this card assumes all risks in implementing or performing any of the suggestions thereon, and the reader of the card will hold DayOne Publishing and the author of this card harmless for any damages resulting from any actions inspired by this card. 
A Laminated Card filled with what you need to know to keep your teeth bright & healthy
Basics of
by Louis Sachs, DDS

Colorful and accessible; permanent and waterproof; concise and accurate; comprehensive and reliable---this card is a must-have for your home library!
This card also includes several terrific diagrams that show parts of the mouth and terms associated to them. You'll be able to speak with your dentist more accurately and more fully understand what is going on in your mouth.
And dentists---this card is a great teaching tool with these diagrams and other information. Have plenty of these cards to give to your patients, especially your first-timers.