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DayOne Publishing is proud to announce the publication of our first laminated card for PET CARE!
Keeping your adult dog healthy and happy!
A Laminated Card
By Theodore V. Yuhas, VMD
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...if your dog is gagging and something is stuck in his throat?

...if your dog has broken a bone?

...if your dog has come home with skunk odor all over her?

...if your dog's nail is bleeding after you clipped it?

...if your dog throws up every time you take him for ride?

At last, all dog owners can have the information they need right at their fingertips on this amazing laminated card from DayOne! Jam-packed with suggestions and solutions, this card is your quick reference to nearly all the common problems and questions that you have about raising your adult dog.

Just take a look at what is covered on this laminated card----

Eating Problems  >>Loss of appetite
>>Gagging  >>Overweight  >>Dull Coat  
>>Eating Grass. Also included in this section are six substances that can be deadly for dogs and ones you must avoid.

Health Problems >>Coughing  >>Gasping  >>Over-heated   >>Shivering  >>Upset Stomach  >> Bleeding nail (after trimming) >>Animal bite  >> Fever

Manners >>Excessive barking  >>Eating feces  >>Destructive chewing  >>Scooting 
>>Bad breath  >>Flatulence (intestinal gas)
>> Car sickness

Pests >> Fleas  >> Ticks  >> Worms >>Flies >>Bees  >>Snake bites.

Routine Tasks  >>Bath time  >>Brushing  >>Dental care  >>Ear care  >>Nail care

Illnesses >>Occasional pain  >>Soreness or sensitivity  >>Vomiting  >>Constipation  >>Diarrhea

EMERGENCIES >>Poisons  >>Broken bone  >>Large, deep wound

Special sections on this card give you information about these subjects:

All of this information is organized on this amazing card for instant access.




Use a magnet to place this card on your refrigerator and you'll never have to hunt for information about your dog again. You'll know what to do and how to do it no matter what problems your dog may be having.

No dog owner should be without this card---you owe it to yourself and, more importantly, to you dog to get this card today!
About the Author of this card
Dr. Ted Yuhas is a prominent veterinarian practicing in Philadelphia, PA. He has nearly 50 years of experience with dogs, cats and exotic birds.

Read more about Dr. Ted at his web site:

Basic Dog Care
by Dr. Theodore Yuhas

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Basic Dog Care
by Dr. Theodore Yuhas

The "Basic Dog Care" laminated card makes a great gift for all of your friends and family members who are dog lovers.

Order a card for each and every dog owner on your gift list! It's a gift that will bring them piece of mind any time their dogs are in need.
Product Information

"Basic Dog Care” is the first in a series of laminated cards designed to give you instant access to information about raising your pets.

Size: The card is an 8½” x 11”, fully laminated.
Laminated: The card is waterproof, fold proof, fade proof, and permanent.
Colorful: the card is printed in full color on both sides.
Handy: You can easily three-hole punch the card for notebook use.
Accessible: Use this card with a magnet (not supplied) to display it in accessible areas of your home.