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Gini Cunningham

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Teaching Power
by Gini Cunningham


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Best Practices in Education

And by the same author....
Teaching Power
by Gini Cunningham

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A Laminated Card by Gini Cunningham
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This full-color, two-sided 8.5" x 11" laminated card is jam-packed with strategies and techniques for improving instruction.

A Wealth of Power Strategies

Learning Goals. How to make & communicate your goals; the optimum number of goals; how to support and use goals for better learning; evaluating goals.

Keying in on Vocabulary. How to keep new terms fresh and relevant; the value of student lists; using a Word Well; tying words to previous lessons.

Bell Work. How to establish a system for bell work; bell work expectations; making the work relevant; transitioning to the main lesson.

Journals. Function of journals; important components in each page heading; the role of the model journal; scoring journals; handling expectations of journal entries; the use of journals during assessments.

Questioning Techniques. Matching questions to Bloom's Taxonomy; use of probing questions; questions that span curricula; wait time; training students to ask good questions; forming "yes/no" questions.

Behavioral Expectations. Maintaining a high-compliance classroom; using outside support; defining procedures and protocols; the four absolutely essential things to remember with maintaining well-behaving students.

Guiding Student Learning. Modeling learning; using whole-class and small-group instruction to practice, review or explore; peer-led groups; re-grouping students to broaden learning; individual work for independent learning; importance of closure.

Growth Mindset.  Fostering open minds; adjusting attitudes about teaching and learning; creating a "safe to learning" environment.

And much more, including a summary section on "Great Teaching" and a chart on Bloom's Taxonomy and the Depth of Knowledge scale.

With this card in their plan books, all teachers can benefit from the suggestions here and find ways to improve their teaching and their students' learning.

A Toolkit of Strategies for Delivering Dynamic, Effective Instruction
Classroom Power

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