Getting the Point
Motivating students—of all abilities—to achieve and become functional, participating citizens of your classroom culture is a high goal. When students are not stakeholders in their own education, they may see little reason to study, learn or be attentive.

This new booklet from DayOne gives you all the directions you need to plan, introduce and implement a motivational system to your classes.

Based on a system of tangible rewards that become a measurable part of each student’s evaluation, this system will allow you to track, recognize and measure all of your students’ achievements, including classroom behaviors, peer interaction, citizenship and levels of cognitive performance.

This booklet develops a comprehensive plan for using tangilble points (chips, tickets, etc.) with your students, including:

  • how to introduce the system
  • how to distribute points
  • what to give points for
  • how to collect points
  • how to manage the system to keep it vital

If you are looking for ways to increase your students' involvement, interest and achievement in your classes, this booklet  will give you a proven system to reach those goals.

Complete instructions and materials for designing, introducing and implementing a point-based management system.
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A Blueprint for an Effective Classroom Management System
Getting the Point
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Getting the Point
1-Point Tickets
100 count.....$6.95
2-Point Tickets
100 count.....$6.95 
5-Point Tickets
100 count.....$6.95 
These colorful classroom tickets are perfect for your point management system. Printed on both sides on heavy card stock, these full-color tickets will serve you and motivate your students throughout the year.

Ticket size is 3.5" x 2" ---ideal for having ready at hand, for distribution and for student storage. Conveniently packaged in packs of 100 tickets.

For a class of 30 students, we recommend:

   •  3 packs of 1-point tickets
   •  1 pack of 2-point tickets
   •  1 pack of 5-point tickets

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BPE-BK-1   Getting the Point

A Blueprint for an Effective Classroom
Management System.......................................$9.95

by Karen Burggraf and Frederick Burggraf
ISBN 0-9706006-5-8

Karen Burggraf
Frederick Burggraf

BPE-TK-1    1-Point Tickets, Pack of 100    $6.95
BPE-TK-2    2-Point Tickets, Pack of 100    $6.95
BPE-TK-3    5-Point Tickets, Pack of 100    $6.95
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Classroom Points
Best Practices in Education

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