Improved 2nd Edition of this popular strategy card!
Establishing and maintaining a classroom management system can be intimidating, time consuming and downright overwhelming. With everything that you have to do, you have little time to read through piles of references to get your classroom management systems up and running.

This laminated reference card from DayOne will be your best ally for initiating, developing and implementing classroom systems that will serve you and your students throughout the year. And what's more, this second ediction of the card is improved with new headings, colors, graphics and editing, giving you easier access to the information.

Management Domains

This "Classroom Management" Card is jam-packed with strategies, techniques and systems, organized in four broad domains:

  • Pre-emptive practices (for ALL students)
  • Proactive practices (for MANY students)
  • Reactive practices (for SOME behaviors)
  • Individual Behavioral Plans (for FEW behaviors)

For each domain, this card presents a full-spectrum of strategies that will help your students learn, that will give you control and that provide solid management planning.

Here's just a sample of what you will learn from this card!

  • How to set up your classroom for maximum benefit--and visibility---for you and your students.
  • Four critical rules for elementary classrooms.
  • Six critical rules for secondary classrooms.
  • A three-step method for rule enforcement.
  • Essential classroom routines for the first week of school.
  • How to effectively start the day or the class period, with six important routines for success.
  • Six proven techniques for getting a class quiet and attentive.
  • Nine methods for getting students back on task without interrupting the flow of your lessons, including, the three best non-verbal strategies to use and the three best verbal interventions.
  • How to involve parents as important factors in your classroom management.
  • Five powerful ways to reduce student anxiety over tests and quizzes.
  • Five reactive strategies for effectively dealing with chronic misbehavior.
  • Three important steps for the one-on-one conference with the misbehaving student.
  • The four best Self-motivating strategies to use for transferring behavior responsibility to the student.
  • The eight common mistakes teachers often make that can actually sabotage and ruin classroom systems.
  • Six effective techniques for establishing positive student contact.
  • Three ways to minimize classroom stress.
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Summarized on one page-sized card in full color, this reference is one that all teachers---new and veterans alike---cannot afford to be without!

Creating a well-run classroom, where students know what to do and when to do it, is essential. It facilitates learning, creates a classroom that students enjoy and in which they feel safe, and assures consistency in your approach and the  treatment of the students in your care.

Covered with a heavy laminate and three-hole punched for easy access, this card will be one you'll refer to again and again!
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Fundamentals of
Classroom Management 
by Jackie Grabis-Bunker, Ed.D.

Jackie Grabis-Bunker
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Fundamentals of
Classroom Management
by Jackie Grabis-Bunker, Ed.D.

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