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Classroom Power
by Gini Cunningham


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Best Practices in Education

Classroom Power
by Gini Cunningham

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A Laminated Card by Gini Cunningham
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On this 8.5" x 11" laminated card is a wealth classroom strategies to help you create and maintain effective classroom systems.

A Treasure of Classroom Techniques

Holding All Students Accountable. Keeping all students engaged; using index cards for random selection; using notational systems with seating charts; self-checking for biases towards ability students; expectations of all students for deeper thinking.

Checking for Understanding. Using Entry/Exit passes; tips for using dry-erase boards; thumbs-up/thumbs down; red-or-green; knowledge blocks; think*pair*share.

Handling Interruptions. Handling phone calls; triage with parent notes; role of 5-minute assignments; using students leaders; handling a parent at your classroom door.

Homework Best Practices.  The role of homework; homework as practice; scoring homework; assigning multiple levels of questions; using open-ended questions.

Vary Seating Charts, Partners and Groups. Uses of desks in rows; table configurations; ability groupings; flexible groupings; desk configurations.

Getting Students' Attention. Clap and rhythm systems; hand-in-air system; chant system; use of timer; use of lighting cues.

Room Organization. Creating learning space; reading area; quiet area; product area; supply area; developing systems and rules; three most important aspects of classroom arrangement.

Task Efficiency. Use of "assignment boxes"; use of storage baskets; handling classroom supplies (glue, scissors, colored paper, etc.; using bulletin board space to help students returning from absences; use of magnets to help with roll taking.

Time Management. Planning each minute of instruction; use of timers; adjustment of learning goals to match time available; planning for idle time.

And much more, including a section on the importance of writing and a summary section for how to allocate time to each class period!

A Toolkit of Techniques to Create an Exemplary Learning Environment
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Gini Cunningham

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