Students with serious behavioral disorders present critical challenges for classroom teachers. These students exhibit severe and socially-disruptive patterns, infringe on other students’ rights, disturb the classroom and block learning. 

This card presents in one, easy-to-access format,  proven strategies for dealing with any student who exhibits behavioral difficulties, and offers specific interventions for some common but highly demanding disorders.

Covered on This Resource

This card includes all the major strategies of  dealing with difficult behaviors---techniques proven by research and classroom implementation.

Developed by two experts who are classroom consultants, trainers and former administrators, this card packs a huge amount of information into a handy reference. Included on this card are such features as:

How to keep your cool no matter what the child may say or do.

How to create a safe zone where you and the student can cool off and evaluate.

How to identify those students who may be bipolar or ADHD.

Ways to avoid getting into power games with students.

What to do when the child threatens or carries out physical violence.

Use well-planned responses that deflect student anger or belligerence.


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General Strategies This extensive section of the card discusses tactics and techniques that work for most any behavioral problems. In this section you will learn:

  • How to give students choices
  • The elements of good contracts
  • The role of "I" messages
  • How to control difficult interactions
  • How to create and use "cool-down" areas
  • Nine proven ways to deal with physical aggression
  • Nine great suggestions to create good classroom climate
  • How to deal with "down time"
  • Seven approaches for enforcing behavior through consequences.

Specfic Behavioral Challenges. Over one half of this card is devoted to specific behavioral disorders and how to deal with them.  Here you will learn about: 
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Dealing With Students With Behavioral Disorders
by Judy Dewey, M.Ed. and
Cindy Jones, M.Ed.

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Dealing With Students With Behavioral Disorders
by Judy Dewey, M.Ed. and
Cindy Jones, M.Ed.

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Judy Dewey
Cindy Jones
Teachers of any subject or grade level will benefit tremendously with this card in the plan book.

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Dealing With Students with
A Laminated Reference Card for any teacher who deals with serious behavior problems.
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