Students With
Reaching children with autism is one of the most challenging tasks facing Special Education professionals. DayOne Publishing is proud to present this comprehensive and ground-breaking collection of strategies, methods and procedures for effectively making the connection to the child with autism.

This book takes a unique look at the whole child, including parent interviews and assessment of home and classroom environments to establish a baseline of behaviors. This view of the child helps you to create learning environments that best meet his needs, that recognize where he is, and that make it possible for you to take him to the next step.

Also included are instructional techniques, tools and forms that maximize the opportunities for success for students with autism.

Written by Teresa Robinson, a school professional with many years' experience in dealing with students with autism, this book is designed for teachers of pre-school through 5th-grade students with autism. All Special Education professionals, however, will find value in many of the ideas presented here.
A toolkit of strategies, methods, forms and practices for reaching children with autism.
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Teaching Students With Autism
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BPE-BK-2   Teaching Students With Autism
by Teresa Robinson

ISBN 0-9706006-6-6, 117pp......................$29.95

Students With
Autism Home     Table of Contents     Introduction     Chapter 5    Chapter 6    Chapter 7            
What you will learn from this book

And much, much more!
  • How to set up your programs for your students with autism
  • How to establish program goals
  • Strategies for communicating with your students
  • How to record behaviors and track progress
  • Effective methods for "including" your students in regular classes
  • Ways to involve parents to meet the learning goals and objectives
  • How to gather and analyze data for learning tasks, for daily progress and for reporting purposes

Teresa Robinson
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