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Megrette Hammond is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator. She holds a masters degree in Nutrition Education from Framingham State College, in Massachusetts. Megrette has been helping individuals discover joyful eating since 1992. Her professional experience includes being past chair (1998-2000) of the Nutrition Therapist sub-unit of Nutrition Entrepreneurs, providing professional lectures to nurses and dietitians on counseling, eating disorders and diabetes. She works part-time as a Diabetes Educator and an active member of both the New Hampshire Association of Diabetes Educators and Dietetic Association.

Frederick Burggraf is a writer, editor, publisher and educator. He has a BS degree in Biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1971) and a Master of Education degree from the University of Maryland (1983). He is the author of several books on Concept Mapping for science education. In 1999, Frederick turned to mindfulness and mindful eating as a solution to some serious health problems he was experiencing. The results prompted him to write “The CAMP System: Learning to Live in Balance and Harmony with Food,” a book and a system on mindful eating. He maintains a web site devoted to mindful eating, and speaks on the topic as well as leads courses that teach mindful eating.
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