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The Basics of Beer
by Marty Nachel

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Do you know...

...what is the difference between an ale and a lager?
...if doppelbock a summer beer or a winter beer?
...which is more caloric: 12 oz. of beer or 2 slices of bread? least seven terms to describe various aromas of beer?
...the correct temperature to serve beer?
...why you should serve wheat beer in thick glasses?
...what beer is best to serve with oysters? long beer should last in the refrigerator?

If you love beer and want to know more about enjoying this great beverage, this laminated card is for you!

Jam-packed onto this 8½" x 11" card from DayOne Publishing are facts about beer and how-to steps for getting maximum enjoyment with beer.

On this card you will learn...

...the best beers to enjoy during each season of the year. beer is brewed
...twelve types of ales with examples of each
...five types of lagers, with example of each to enjoy the taste, aroma, appearance and aftertastes
   of beer to serve beer for the best flavor and enjoyment to store beer to keep it fresh and delicious to match foods with the right beers

and much more!

Covered on this Card

The major sections of this card are:

  • What is beer?
  • The history of beer
  • How to enjoy beer all year long
  • How beer is brewed
  • Types of beer
- ales
- lagers
- hybrids
  • How to taste beer
- noticing aroma
- noticing appearance
- noticing taste
- noticing aftertastes
- reflection on the overall experience
  • How to serve beer
  • How to store beer
  • How pair the right beer with food

Become a beer expert and treat your friends to great beer and food combinations!

The Basics of Beer
by Marty Nachel

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New!  How to Select, Store, Serve and Enjoy one of the World's Greatest Beverages!
Products for Fun

by Marty Nachel
About the Author
Marty Nachel is an accomplished author of books and articles about beer and home brewing. In addition to being a Certified Beer Judge since 1987, he is an award-winning writer in the North American Guild of Beer Writers and a published author of three books on the topics of beer and brewing:

Beer Across America” (Storey, 1995)
“Beer for Dummies”
(IDG, 1996)
“Homebrewing for Dummies” (1st edition, Hungry Minds, 1997; 2nd edition, John Wiley & Sons, 2008)

Marty was also the beer writer and consultant for Microsoft’s Encarta Encyclopedia 1999.

As a freelance writer since 1987, Marty has written beer reviews for a number of national publications and has reviewed over 200 types and brands of beers.

To learn more about Marty and the enjoyment of beer, visit his web site at:


For owners of this card, click below to download a "Beer Checklist."

This list covers the major types of beers. As you taste the various beers, check 'em off!

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Marty is the author of "Beer for Dummies" and "Homebrewing for Dummies."